EHS Training vs. EHS Education

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When was the last time you educated your workers about the concept of safety?

-Don’t remember.

And when was the last time you trained them?

-Yesterday. On WED. Well we do it every week.

Do you see any changes in their behaviour or attitude?

-Yes. But for like a day or two. That’s why we conduct such trainings every week, so they’ll be on track.

WOW quite a waste of time!

-Come on. Trainings are never a waste of time. That’s only how workers learn.

Ya. But…‘Training’ every week or ‘Education’ every month. Which is more frustrating and time consuming?

-You know very well, that ‘EHS Education’ concept works only with Employees and Management. Workers are illiterate people. They only understand instructions.

Well, alright. But, as you see, Trainings don’t work either.

-There is no better way. There are ‘Engineering Controls’ and ‘Administrative Controls’. But we can’t use them everywhere. And in that case, we are dependent only on the behavior of workers. If they act unsafe, we can’t help it. And our team can’t be everywhere all the time to keep an eye on them. But trust me, trainings do work. We keep repeating things again and again in trainings and they keep learning it.

But you just said that the impact of trainings lasts for like two days.

-Ya. But if we keep training them…

Yes, then the impact may last for three days.

-Well, since you seem very expert in this matter. You suggest what to do.

Ever heard of Root Cause Analysis?

-Stop it. What do you want?

Do it on this matter. Why do trainings fail?

-Great! You really are an EHS expert!!

Shall we?

-Well. Trainings fail because workers don’t want to listen.

This is just one ‘Why’.

-They don’t listen because these safety instructions, they think, are just an extra burden to them.

Yes, 2.

-God! Well… they feel burden because they think safety instructions are useless and stupid.

Number 3. Go on.

-They just don’t get it, that these instructions can actually save their lives and keep them away from any occupational disease.

Almost there.

-Because they don’t care. They think they do. But actually they don’t. They are those people who risk their life knowingly but they actually have no idea they are risking it. They have this mentality that life controls them and they can’t control life and which has to happen is bound to happen. And that is just so wrong! They refuse to agree that nothing is certain and they can avoid any future mishappenings with only little bit of efforts. And these people are careless everywhere, at work, at home, on road, while driving, everywhere! Person, who handles naked electric wires barefooted at home, can’t be expected to follow full SOP as it is! They don’t realize that there are hazards around them and they won’t be lucky every time. We really have to change their thinking process, I tell you. And you know what, even when they get injured, they act like that wasn’t their fault. Because, according to them, accidents can’t be escaped.

That’s what. EHS education will benefit them, and you, and your company.

– I just told you that won’t work. Those are ignorant people.

That exactly is my point.

-What’s your point?

Same. You just said it.


You just said, a second before!

-Leave it. You are not clear, just stupid and confusing.

Am I?

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