For the people who say – “First aid training? No! I don’t want to attend. Keep me away from all this.”

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Small road accident. A kid was injured. He couldn’t stand. People suspected he had broken his leg. Some gentleman talked to that kid, called his parents, told them to come to some hospital, picked him up on his back and ran towards the taxi stand. And just as he put that kid in the taxi, and taxi started for the hospital, his doubts were clear, yes it was indeed a leg fracture. Because that broken bone had made its way through the skin. Kid saw that and fainted. Now he couldn’t do much but wait for them to reach hospital. Kid was admitted in the emergency ward and his father said, “Thank you Sir! You are such a gentleman. This must have been a very big road accident. Oh my God! Look at him, my poor son.”


A man was eating. He was alone in his home. He choked, he ran for help but before he could find any, he choked to death. And post-mortem report said, “It’s a clear case of ignorance about self-applied Heimlich Maneuver.”


A couple at a bus stand, late night, waiting for their bus. Husband started complaining pain in his chest and fell down. Wife started shouting, “Help! Help!!”. But no one was around.  She tried to help him but nothing worked. And then she saw someone with some box in his hand running towards them. He came near and said, “Is it heart attack? No, No! You don’t stop! You keep giving him CPR till I open this AED”. So she again started punching her husband’s chest. That man shouted, “Stop!! Are you crazy? Move! Let me try. But now if he couldn’t survive, that will only be because of you. Did you even call the ambulance? Call now!!” Man examined that dying man and said again, “No heartbeat, no pulse, nothing. Let’s see how lucky you are.” He put that AED on and after 4-5 minutes of trying, heartbeat detected, ambulance came just in time and that couple lived happily ever after.

I like one with Happy Ending and you?

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