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Yes, this article is going to be long. But if you can take 5 minutes out from your schedule, I’m going to share with you a story of the most amazing company ever. Yes, the company I work for. Well, you should know, this is not the first company I have worked for but I really hope this would be my last one. I don’t think I would ever want to switch now. Yes, I’m happy, I feel I’m being taken care of by the Top Management here. And it’s not just me, every other employee here feels exactly the same. And why is this company so good you ask? Well, because OMG, this company has the best EHS staff ever. My EHS colleagues here don’t waste their time in defining the differences between Occupational Health and General Health and they say it’s impossible to say if your health is deteriorating because of the Occupational causes or the General causes. I was surprised to notice that they have taken the responsibility of our overall health.

You know what, the other day they gave us 15 minutes lecture on how often should you or should you not or at what time you should have tea. I was so surprised to hear the information they shared with us. I was thinking about this stuff and then I ran into one of my colleagues from EHS department and I said to her, “Wow. That was amazing. I didn’t know I was harming myself for so long. I feel so bad that I didn’t know that before.” And what she said just won my heart. Her exact words were, “That’s okay if you didn’t know because now you know. And sorry that we couldn’t conduct this session before, because, well this is embarrassing, because even we didn’t know this until last week”. Our EHS department is so dedicated, I must say.

Let me just tell you now, how they have changed our lives. What happened yesterday was they took away all our coffee machines and introduced us to two Tea Boys who will prepare tea twice a day and on demand. This was amazing and so was the ‘No Plastic Waste’ idea. Now we have to carry our own coffee mugs to cafeteria to have tea. And you know what, yesterday after tea time, when we went back to our seats, we all were smiling, because, who doesn’t feel happy after having real Ginger Tea.

And yea, today we received one email from EHS department that today they are planting ‘Holy Basil’ plant in the open area of the office. So guess what, now Tulsi Tea in office! What can be better! Because, you know, who isn’t aware of the anticancer and immunity boosting properties of this plant? And also, now I don’t have to wait for Sundays to have my favorite evening tea and cure my headache, because now I won’t have any.

There is one of my colleagues here, we are friends now. She is an old employee here. When I was new here and whenever I went to cafeteria to have my break and have some tea, she always chose to go downstairs to have fruits. And one day when I asked her I got to know that she had low sugar level, and that’s why she preferred Banana to Tea. And then she told me how our EHS team managed to convince a Fruit and Nariyal Pani vendor to settle their shop just outside the office building. Our EHS team here understands that Training on Ergonomics, Work Place Exercise, Air Quality Monitoring etc, can’t take care of anybody’s health completely, it’s also the food people put into their bodies. And that’s why they know that making Biscuits and Chips available to all employees, is not something to be proud of. I’m telling you all this because, in the cafeteria of my company, you will find Peanuts, Chana, Nuts, Yogurt, Rajgira and Til ke Laddu, Chikki etc. for snacks. And again, all credit goes to our EHS team. They said, “Biscuit is the worst snack you can eat”. When I heard them say this, my response was, “Wow”. Well, like other Hypoglycemia patients, she can’t tolerate hunger and she eats her lunch before the lunch time and no body judges. She also eats between meals, and guess what, nobody judges. And I think, it’s because everyone understands the meaning of that funny poster displayed at cafeteria, which says, “Staying Hungry Is Foolish.”

Since I joined this company, I had been seeing my other colleagues going in the open area and spending 15-20 minutes there, standing and talking. And I wondered if that was allowed? Thanks to my other colleague here, he explained “This is actually a rule here. You won’t be allowed to book any Meeting Room for less than 20 minutes meeting, for less than 7 people.” And then he didn’t need to explain any further because I knew the thought process behind it. From 9 to 6, we spend our time under a roof and in AC, so from where are we going to get the sun exposure? And we don’t want any fancy disease and early ageing. It’s so appreciable that our Company Management takes interest in all proposals by our EHS department and helps them implement too.

Well, there are in fact so many other things also but let me tell you the best of all. And now hold your breath. Ready? Okay. We are allowed to take nap during lunch time and guess what, nobody will judge. Which Company Management won’t agree to this when they were told that nothing can make your Brain Sharper, your Abilities more Efficient and your Body more Energetic than the 5-10 minutes nap itself! That’s right, even I will love to have my 10 minutes nap than hearing all the gossips and checking my phone 45 times during my break. So, jealous are you? I told you I work for the best company there is. They have hired very intellectual people in their EHS team.

Well, my lunch break is about to over and now I only have 10 good minutes for a quick nap. But in the meantime, if you want to know more about my company and wish to join it, here is the website you can go to: 


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