Answers to “First Aid: Can You Help Yourself? (Quiz)”

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Here are the answers to the Quiz I posted a week back.

Answers to “First Aid: Can You Help Yourself? (Quiz)”

Situation 1: You hit a bump, get disbalanced and fall down from you bike. Only your leg is injured but injury may be severe. You are on highway and on one is around.
Answer: a) I will remove my helmet, find my phone, lie down in one side of the road, put my bag below my legs to elevate them and call my emergency contact.
(Explanation: It is important to lie down with your legs elevated to stop the bleeding and to ensure blood supply to your brain, so there is less chance of you getting unconscious.)

Situation 2: You start getting sudden crushing pain in chest and feeling of breathlessness and dizziness. You are in a park.
Answer: a) I will ask someone to call an ambulance and my emergency contact immediately and then ask them to stay there until help arrives.
(Explanation: It is important to have someone near you so that they can direct help to reach you. While waiting for the help it’s good if you can get 300mg Aspirin tablet to chew slowly. Aspirin prevents blood clotting and can help you survive.)

Situation 3: You are playing football with friends in backyard. You collide with someone, you fall and lose one tooth. You notice bleeding from your tooth socket.
Answer: d) I will find my tooth, keep it in my cheek, find a cotton or cloth, and I will press it onto the wound and go to hospital.
(Explanation: Keeping tooth in your cheek will prevent it from getting damaged or infected. And doctor can put it back into the socket.)

Situation 4: You are on trekking with your friends. You start feeling pain in your leg and then you notice two small puncture marks there. You suspect snake bite.
Answer: a) I will lie down with my head elevated and stop moving. I will ask my friends to get one vehicle to get me to the hospital and tie a cloth above the wound.
(Explanation: Lying down with head elevated, staying still and tying cloth above the wound slows down the process of spreading venom to other parts of the body.)

Situation 5: You feel that some insect has crawled into your ear. You are alone at home.
Answer: d) I will ask someone to pour water into my ear and see if the insect float to the surface.
(Explanation: If that doesn’t work, go to hospital, because using tweezers can damage the ear or it can push insect further into the ear.)

Situation 6: You are alone at home and eating food. You start choking.
Answer: d) I will lean forward and keep coughing and try Self Heimlich Maneuver.
(Explanation: That’s the only way to save your life.)

Situation 7: You were working all day and now in the evening you start sweating, and feeling cold, weak and confused. You are at home. You have Hypoglycemia.
Answer: c) I will eat something sweet and rest.
(Explanation: Eating something sweet will increase sugar content in your blood and help you feel better.)

Situation 8: You fall and twist you ankle. You start feeling pain and you are unable to walk. You are alone at home. You suspect sprain in your ankle.
Answer: d) I will apply cold compress on my ankle, then wrap it with elastic bandage and then lie down with my ankle elevated.
(Explanation: Cold compress prevents swelling and internal bleeding. In this type of injuries, follow full RICE procedure.)

Situation 9: You wake up in the morning, take a bath and after a while you start shivering because weather is cold and you get Hypothermia.
Answer: a) I will wrap myself in a blanket and make some tea for myself, then sit infront of heater or hot air blower until I start feeling better.
(Explanation: I don’t think any explanation is required here.)

Situation 10: You move to a new city and rent an apartment. You live alone. 
Answer: d) I will talk to my neighbors and get the contact number of emergency services of the nearest hospital.
(Explanation: Because you should be prepared for emergencies.)

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