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Have you heard of HIRA? Have you ever conducted HIRA study? And do you think you did it perfectly? Did you give right importance to right things?

When you hear HIRA, your mind suddenly goes to calculating Severity*Probability, and finding out how many Unacceptable Hazards are there. Most of the time you spend on HIRA study is actually on deciding whether the Severity should be 5 or 4, or whether the Probability should be 2 or 3 for some hazard. And that’s how you waste your time on wrong things, because this shouldn’t even be a point of discussion. Because whenever you are stuck with this confusion, you are just supposed to choose the highest number. We should always take the worst case scenario, remember? But this is not what I wanted to say. My point is, that, there are many elements of HIRA study, and calculation of Risk Level using 2nd grade mathematics is not the most important one. It’s actually the first column you fill in your HIRA format, and that is the column of ‘List of Activities’. Listing out all the activities within the defined scope is the most difficult and yet the most important task. So, 30% of the time you invest into your HIRA study, should be on listing out all the activities. This picture will tell you the rest:

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