Ambitions That Die With Us

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People proudly say, ‘I’m ambitious’. And the fact is that I haven’t met anybody who wasn’t ambitious. We all have a wish burning inside us and a dead wish coming alive every day. How much we are gonna get, who is to say?

I see people struggle and put efforts everyday to get what they want in life. It’s so good to see people fight, because it’s a fight for life, it’s a fight to survive. But, these ambitions are of two kinds. One kind is what world tells you you want, and the other kind is what you knew you wanted, which is long forgotten now. But those forgotten desires will come back to you again one day when your struggle is over, when your ambitions are fulfilled and you are still looking for something to make you smile from within. Let’s take a moment to remember those desires and write them down on a piece of paper to remind us everyday where our real happiness lies and what actually can give a meaning to our lives.

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