She Was a Vacation

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Vacations are lovely. You take a week off from work and go to a place you have never been before, some hill station or may be somewhere seaside. You stay there for 4-5 days. During these days, you enjoy, you go for sightseeing every now and then. You feel happy, it’s like you are living in some other world where there is no stress and no trouble. Everything there is fresh and exciting. This few days vacation becomes wonderful, you fall in love with that place, and then comes the time for you to leave. Now you have to go back to your regular life, and you are not sad because you knew that it had to happen, it was the deal. You are just happy that you have so many good memories to look back. This is what vacations are. And that’s what she was for him, ‘a vacation’.
One day, she asks him, ‘Are you happy with me?’

He says he is. ‘Life is good when I’m with you.’

‘So why is it that you don’t want it for life time?’

‘What do you want?’

‘Lifetime of togetherness’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Am I a vacation for you? So that, when it is over, you will leave happily not caring how I feel. This is how it is going to be? Am I a vacation for you?’

‘I didn’t realize it until you said it. I’m sorry. It is so painful but I have to go now. Vacation should not last this long.’

Practical world killed two souls, yet again.

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