I’m Sorry!

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To all dogs dying of hunger and diseases on roads or being tortured in puppy factories, to all abandoned cows eating plastic for food or being treated only as milk machine in a dairy farm, to all scared cats hiding in some old building crying, to all animals, living in a cage or trapped in some laboratories, wanting to be free one day, to all chained elephants who have scars all over, to all those animals who are in pain and yet can’t die because life refuses to give up on them and wants them to survive, and so their misery doesn’t end. To all, I just want to say sorry on behalf of humans. I’m sorry that I understand that this earth is as much as yours and yet I can’t help you. I’m sorry that you are never going to get your share of food, clean water, freedom and happiness. I’m sorry that you will never be able to live your life with your choices. You will only follow commands and will be treated with tools. I feel really bad for you all and I’m really sorry on behalf of humans.

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