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A profession in which people lose their lives to save others, a profession which requires constant courage and dedication, a profession which makes you realize just how important your role is to the society, a profession in which you give so much to humanity and ask for almost nothing in return. Fire Safety is that profession. But you will not exactly know what it is unless you have been trapped in a burning building.

How many lives a Fireman saves in his career span by risking his own life for his duties, there is no count. I just hope that they know how much we appreciate their selfless efforts and how much we are grateful to them that they are always just one emergency call away from all of us. 

On this Fire Service Day, let’s make them realise how much we admire and respect their work. Let them know how magnificent it is that every second of every minute they are prepared for emergency. Let’s tell them today that they are our brave soldiers and they deserve every bit of gratitude that we have for them. 


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