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Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We, at Big Brand Pvt Ltd, are committed to conduct its operation in a responsible manner and to ensure fake sustainability through wishing to protect the Environment, Occupational Health & Safety of its associates. We are committed to:

1. Comply with legal and other requirements, because it is the easiest thing to do. 
2. Provide a place to work to all where safety slogans shall be written everywhere.
3. Provide Personal Protective Equipments of good quality under cheapest price. 
4. Ensure good working condition with proper ventilation and centralized cooling which will work well only when auditors are in the premises. 
5. Brag about our ‘Zero Injury’ goal and proving our progress on paper so well.
6. Ensure continued efforts towards drafting same Objectives and Targets every year in the interest of EHS.
7. Protect our Environment just by sending good thoughts to other people.
8. Continually improve our EHS Management system by displaying unrelated safety information unnecessarily everywhere. 

This policy shall be made available to all stakeholders forcefully.

Name: A proud owner
Designation: MD 

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