Layman’s Contribution Towards Protecting Environment

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Thinking that environmental pollution can be prevented is like living in a dream world. Some damages are beyond repair and environmental pollution is one of them. It cannot be prevented but it can surely be controlled. And anyone can and must put efforts to control it. It’s everybody’s responsibility and we must feel obligated to do so, because we are the reason that environmental pollution exists in the first place. Here I’m not going to talk about the climate change, glacier melting, ozone layer or about the severe condition of our beloved city Delhi, because that talk is better left for the experts and scientists. Here I want to talk about what we can actually understand and do rather than just blaming people for throwing waste on the side of the road.

We all have to do things little by little. We all will have to change ourselves and our lifestyle, which is not an option, it is a necessity. We are depended on environment for everything. Whatever we are and whatever we have and whatever we use and utilize, is all taken from the environment. And that is why all simple day-to-day things that we do, impact environment in a negative way. For example, activity as simple as reading this article is impacting environment somewhere somehow. When you are reading this article you are using lights, which means you are using electricity and which means, in some ways, you are adding to air pollution. You are reading this article on some electronic device. So much happens in industries that manufacture electronic devices, like air pollution, water contamination and not to forget that natural resource depletion. And consumption of natural resources is harm to environment itself. Talking about your laptop or mobile, I want to say that in few years it will become garbage and you will have to discard it and buy a new one. And that’s how you will make your contribution towards waste generation, which leads to land and water contamination. 

Our each day-to-day activity has some impact on the environment in direct or indirect way. Washing dishes in the kitchen, brushing our teeth, cleaning our house, washing our cars, all these activities has a little (still significant) impact on environment. Basically we harm our environment in two phases- Consumption and Disposal.

Consumption: Consumption of anything depletes our natural resources. For example-  Fuels, Cloth, Cotton, Paper, Electricity, wood. So much consumption of natural resources occurs to manufacture things that we use daily, like- electronics and electrical items, vehicles, home decorative items, furniture.

Disposal: All things have to be discarded one day. Waste disposal is a big concern. Whenever we throw our waste, we are contaminating our land. This waste goes in to the water stream and pollutes our water resources too. 

So we have to think, how we can give our contribution towards controlling our environment pollution during these two phases. It is the time we ask ourselves following questions-

– Can we walk short distances and not use our cars or bike all the time?
– Can we open our windows in day time and use natural lights and not consume electricity all the time?
– Can we carry a water bottle with us and not buy use and throw plastic bottles all the time?
– Can we pack our lunch in a reusable cloth and not use aluminium foil every time?
– Can we stop generating food waste?
– Can we start caring about every single drop of water and take bath with only one bucket?
– Can we make ourselves understand that buying and using second-hand things is appreciable?
– Can we carry one bag everywhere and say ‘NO’ to plastic bags and polythene?
– Can we shop from our local market and not travel several kilometres in our vehicle to buy things?
– Can we keep wrappers of chocolates and candy with us until we find a dustbin and not throw them on the road?

There are many more contributions we can make towards health of the Environment. We just have to keep in mind that every small effort counts. It’s easy and simple and not so much complicated. We just have to remember that we must use environment only for our necessity and not for our luxury. 

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