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I have been a trainer and I have been a trainee, but more often a trainer than a trainee. I remember that day when I had entered a conference room full of participants for my very first training program. So many questions were on my mind, but now I have answers to all those questions and doubts. Here are some. Comment if your answers to these questions match with mine. 

-What is the most challenging task for a trainer?
To connect with people within first 10 minutes of training program

-What makes training interesting for participants?
Creating mystery

-How do you know if your training is successful?
Ask them what their take away from this session is

-What is wrong to expect as a trainer?
That, people will grasp everything

-How much participants will retain?
All the jokes you told

-What will participants forget quickly?
All the talking which can’t be visualized in mind

-How do you gain participants’ attention?
Create variation in your voice-  Increase it and suddenly lower it

-How do you know if participants are listening to you or not?
Say a quick funny thing and see if their expressions change

-What is your aim as a trainer?
To make people learn one solid thing in such a way that they will remember it lifetime

-Does a trainer get bored of teaching one thing again and again?

-What should a trainer do to keep his/her interest alive in training session?

-What to do if, as a trainer, you get exhausted giving one speech repeatedly?
Remind yourself that you might be repeating these things regularly but your participants are going to listen to it for the first time

-How to handle a rude participant in your session?

-How to handle person questioning your teaching method during your training session?

-What to do when a participant tries to create disturbance in your session?
Keep clam and ignore and concentrate on the rest of the people

-What do you get as a trainer?
Satisfaction and inner happiness

-What should be trainer’s only objective?
That, people are giving their time to you and you have to make this time a joyful learning experience for them

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