‘Passion’ n ‘Profession’

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I have seen people who could have become great poets, artists, musicians, singers, painters but instead they are engineers. Some people could have become good engineers but instead they are working on some hidden talent which is not even there. You have to choose wisely. And whatever you do, you must have a backup plan. For most Indians, backup plan is getting few degrees and a job, which is often referred as a career. After achieving that, they are allowed to work on their dreams which, along with a job, they can only pursue as a hobby. And that’s how they end up spending all of their lives with a backup plan. And then they have children and they tell their children to live their dreams and force them into musical instruments, sports and painting and dancing. Child’s life is ruined, because what if that child was born to become a physicist. It is so hard to understand what is good for someone and what is not.

Are you living a life of your dreams? Do you think you have some creativity or artistic skill which you can sharpen and become famous and rich? Well, I think I have and that is my writing skill. I started writing when I was 14 years old. And for a 14 year old, I was really good. I wrote until I entered my engineering college. And then it became only a hobby or a time-pass.

Writing gave me happiness. I wish I had passion for it. I wish I was doing same thing for my passion and profession both. Sometimes, I dream about leaving my job and becoming a full-time writer. I think I will be good at it. I can write stories. I can write novels. I have thoughts and I can put those thoughts into words and create poetry. If I start writing now and take some training, attend some workshops and stay in touch with my emotional self, in 5 years from now, I surely can come up with something good, which people would want to pay for to read. But there is a small problem, which is that I’m also good at engineering job that I have. I have been admired and appreciated many times. My current career choice has been good so far, which makes me happy. Now, how can I leave something which I’m good at? Won’t it be in-justice to my capabilities? I guess it is a tie. 

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