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Top ten effortless tips for good health:

1. Recharge yourself with Good Night’s sleep. 8 Hours. Sleep no later than 11 and wake up no later than 8.

2. Sleep on same time everyday and wake up on same time everyday. Biological clock is a real thing.

3. Eat right. Stay away from packaged processed food and drinks. Also, don’t eat food which comes with the label ‘Healthy and Nutritious’. Don’t eat food which your grandparents never ate.

4. Overeating is a crime. Never overeat. But don’t stay hungry.

5. Challenge your body with exercise. One hour exercise- thrice a week is a must.

6. Safe drinking water is the best drink. Stay hydrated.

7. Keep in mind that only way to get any health benefits from sugary health drinks is to avoid them completely.

8. Sitting is a new smoking. Find a reason to walk for 10 minutes after every one hour of continuous sitting.

9. Spare some time every week for your other activities and hobbies.

10. Mental stress is a culprit. And above tips are the ways to deal with it. Remember- “In a healthy body lives a healthy heart.”

Did I miss any important point? What are your top ten tips for healthy life? Comment below. 🙂 

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