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A person you hate for not caring about saving water, is a parent of an orphan. A person who didn’t congratulate you on your gesture of donation to Old Age Home, has actually been spreading awareness about Mental Health for a decade now. A person who you just cursed for jumping a red light signal, is using all his/her free time for working on improving farmers’ condition in the country. A person who you just unfriended because s/he didn’t show any interest in your talk about War and World Peace, is a part of an NGO which is working for rights and safety of LGBTQ+ community. A person who you stopped talking to, because s/he refused to volunteer in organizing a Medical Camp for poor people, is opening a shelter for street animals. A person who made insensitive jokes every time you talked about feminism, is actually spending his/her every weekend educating people about the harms of single-use plastic.

Never think that you are better than the others just because you are supporting one social cause which others are not, as others might be busy fighting for something which they believe in. It is not necessary to care for some particular issue, but it is important to contribute. Contribute in your own way to make this world a better place. Choose any social cause and do your part. 

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