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Here is another year that has never been touched, another 365 days that have never been lived. This year will bring you your another birthday and your favorite festivals one more time. We all are excited. And this excitement about New Year is for a reason. And the reason is that we don’t know what is going to happen next year. Uncovering suspense is one thing we enjoy the most. And stepping into a new year is like getting to know something which is still unknown.

But New Year is important for various other reasons. As one year ends, people take opportunity to evaluate their lives. If last year has gone well, they can be happy about it and share a rewind video on social media like everyone else. And if it hasn’t gone well as planned, then they can set some targets for next year. They can plan. Planning gives us peace. Planning gives as sense that everything is under control. So, when you think that life is not going your way, get a plan. When you have a good plan, you can imagine everything going right. And many times it does too. But many times it doesn’t. But we still carry faith in us that every 1st January will bring us new hope.

This time, 1st January is extra special because it’s not just a new year, but it is a whole new decade we are getting. And today, as we move into 20s, I wish all your loved ones may still be there with you by your side as we see another decade changing, 10 years later, as we move into 30s. I hope number of people you love increases more and more. I hope number of people, who love and respect you, goes higher and higher. I hope your goals of life become more meaningful and less materialistic. I hope you never go directionless. I hope this year you discover what you exactly want to do with your life. I hope you find happiness in small things. I hope your days of occasional tears are only occasional. I hope you learn to count your blessings. I hope you spend all your time making a difference. And may you realize that every morning brings us endless opportunities. So don’t be afraid of trying something new. Live all the experiences and do more in little time, because time is flying and so you got to fly faster and higher, if you want to catch up.

This year, don’t be afraid of loving people. Express you gratitude faster than you express you anger. Don’t delay in asking for forgiveness. Compliment people on five things before making one criticism. Acknowledge goodness in people faster than you notice a weakness. Because my friend, this all will make you happy. And happiness is all that matters.

And if you know me or don’t know me, if I know you or don’t know you, but if you are reading this, I wish you a healthy, happy and full of love New Year, from the bottom of my heart, because I care and because you are important.

Have a happy next decade.

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