Global Pandemic- What is happening?

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Every person on this planet is affected by the current situation. Never ever we have seen people talking same thing in different corners of the world. Normally, whenever there is a tragedy in one country, people from other country empathize and say, “We understand your situation.” Only this time, they really do understand. No one reading this article will say, “What this girl is talking about?”, because they know what exactly I’m talking about. Now we all have one thing in common. We can connect on this pandemic thing so quick. 

For the first time, I’m witnessing countries getting united. It has never happened before. At least as long as I have lived, I have never seen it. It is so rare. It can happen in only two circumstances. One is global pandemic which we all are experiencing. This pandemic is bringing us together because we need each other’s support, and we need as much information as we can obtain to help fight this pandemic.

What would be the other circumstance which can make all countries sing the same tune? Can you guess? Can you think of any other situation in which all countries are united and no country is in the opposition? Yes. You got that right. That would be another earth. Another planet with life. Let’s just say there are two more in our galaxy. You know what will bring all three planets together as one? That’s an easy one- Planet from another galaxy. Because, I don’t know if you have ever realized this or not, we as human being unite only in against of something or somebody. All neighbours will unite if there is a fight against some other neighbourhood, otherwise they themselves would just be killing each other over loud music and parking space. Cities will unite when there is a war against other state. And states will unite when there is a war against some other country. But counties won’t unite so easily because there is only one earth, that we know of.

There is a discussion everywhere that this is the time of uncertainty. I beg to differ. When is not a time of uncertainty? Everything is always uncertain, like our existence. Well, we sleep in night planning for tomorrow. We think nothing will go wrong, until it does. Truthfully, I had been waiting for something like this to happen since childhood. As a child, when other children were dreaming about prince and princess and birds and oceans and angels, I was dreaming about earthquakes. I had this dream quite often that there was an earthquake and everything was destroyed and I was looking for my home but I couldn’t find it because it was gone. I have always been worried, especially since the movie 2012, that one day natural disaster will put an end to this world. Well, this pandemic is not going to end everything. Or maybe it will. We never know. We always think it will not happen until it does.

I just hope everyone realizes that earth is overburdened now. People keep reproducing and everyone wants to live till eternity. When I say ‘everyone’, I include myself too. I also want to live till eternity. Okay, not eternity exactly. But I want to live long enough to be able to see humankind being migrated to another planet. Because that is our future. Stephen Hawking said it. So, I hope I get to live long enough to live in the movie Interstellar. Because if in case I have to die, getting lost in space without gravity would be one way to go.

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    Shivani Singh
    20th April 2020 5:45 pm

    Right kratika singh earth is overburdened now due to our working styles, our attitude towards the 🌿🍃🌿🍃nature.


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