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Rita was writing her very first novel. Main characters of her story were in love with each other. Their love story in her novel went on for 5 years but Rita failed to keep spark alive between them. Rosy and Justin went through a lot of troubles but they overcame all the obstacles that came their way. But climax of her novel was still few chapters away and she wanted her novel to end at the positive note. She wanted to write something which can bring back the lost faith in love among readers.

To keep her story going she introduced a new male character who was interested in her female lead, as a last obstacle in their love story. She made Rosy realize that Justin is not the same anymore and things have changed between them. When Philip comes in picture, Rosy heart starts to incline a little bit towards him. But at the same time, she wanted Rosy to believe that what she had with Justin is magical. But Rita didn’t know how to reach there. She was not 100% happy with all the ideas that were coming to her mind. She needed help.

Rita went to meet Jenny who is known for her love poetry. Rita was sure she could help. Jenny agreed to see her in a coffee shop. When she arrived, Rita explained her everything. Jenny asked Rita if she wanted to write reality in her novel or she just wanted to write some hypothetical love story which never comes true. It was weird coming from a person who is known as a romance poet. “Everything has an expiry date.” Jenny said. She gave Rita three options to choose from for climax in her novel.

  1. Kill one of male characters so that Rosy doesn’t have to choose between Justin and Philip.
  2. Make Justin cheat on her so she can make her decision to choose Philip.
  3. Make Philip a negative character who creates problems in lives of Justin and Rosy, so they can realize they are stronger together and made for each other.

Rita thanked Jenny for her time but she was not so much happy with either of these endings. She wanted to show that love is eternal and it always finds its way.

Rita went to the park that evening. She was sitting on the bench thinking of all alternative climaxes of her story when a man came and sat next to her. He had a book in his hand. It appeared to be romance novel. He caught her staring at his book and they started talking. He told her about himself. They also talked about romance genre and he said all the right things to her. “Love keeps us alive. Love is the only thing which is worth fighting for.” Rita was impressed. He told her how much he loved his wife and he still loved her even though she had been dead for 3 years now. He said, “No one in this world can replace her in my heart.” After talking to him, Rita knew how her story was going to end. She thanked him for the writing tip. He seemed confused and she smiled.

That night she opened her laptop and words started to flow. When Rosy met Philip for the first time she couldn’t stop thinking about the first time she met Justin. She went to Justin and she proposed him for marriage. Justin said ‘Yes’. Rosy died a week before the marriage in a road rage while she was trying to protect a man. To keep love alive, Rosy had to die.

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