Girlfriend Turned Into A Monster

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“Jesus! Jenny, are you okay?” I yelled when I saw my girlfriend sitting on the floor covered in jelly. She had broken the jelly jar. She was cooking breakfast and apparently jar slipped from her hand. I asked Jenny to sit infront of TV while I took charge of breakfast. I boiled 4 eggs, made 4 toasts and took out juice from fridge. I went to living room while carrying a tray full of breakfast items and saw her poking TV screen with a knife. I was shocked. I tried to stop her. I put her back on the couch and asked her to tell me what was going on with her that day. She told me that she wanted to play Chess and if she won I would have to give her whatever she asked for. I agreed.

But that day was not my lucky day. I lost the game. She put a pen in her mouth and started chewing. I assumed she was hungry. I moved tray infront of her. She gave me creepy smile. She said, “Now that you have lost, you have to propose me for marriage.” That was a foolish demand. We had known each other for four months only. And that’s what I told her. She took out her mobile and went live on Facebook. She pointed knife at my head and asked me to propose her infront of 200 live audience. I did as she told me. She went to bedroom to get a ring for me to give to her. I had an opportunity to tell all people the truth. I picked up her mobile. I was still live. I thought of asking for help. “Listen guys, there is something wrong with Jen….” and that was it. Battery died. Mobile got switched off and I missed the boat.

Jenny was back with a ring but her ring finger was missing. Her hand was bleeding. “Why did you chop off my finger?” She asked. She tried to stab me with knife. I had no clue what was happening and how should I react. I held her tightly and shook her and dragged her to the couch. But she attacked me and bit me on my neck. She took the flesh out. I was in so much pain. I left her alone and went to the door to escape but door was locked. I sat down. I tried to stop my bleeding and begged her to let me go.

I was missing Jenny. The original Jenny, not this monster. My Jenny was kind. She was caring. If my Jenny were there she would have protected me from this wild creature. I was missing her so bad that tears rolled down my cheeks. I closed my eyes.

Few minutes later, I heard a sweet soothing voice. It was my Jenny. “Justin, help me, you lazy man! Wake up. Your son has broken the jelly jar. It is mess in kitchen. Don’t make me angry. It’s 8 am. Wake up, you fool.”

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